OOO TEMRYUKMORTRANS provides services for handling general bulk and liquid types of cargo using its own berthing facilities at Temryuk port.

The list of the main types of cargo processed and standards of handling operations when loading / unloading cargoes onto / from vessels.

  - Transshipments

Cargo Name Measuring
GENERAL CARGO (packaged)
1 Motor vehicles t  
2 Glass in wooden boxes t 560
3 Equipment and metal constructions with overall and oversized parameters t  
4 Pipes of different nomenclature including:
   Bundle pipes t 2,400
   Large diameter pipes t 1,500
5 Containers including:
6 Packaged cargoes of different nomenclature including:
   Goods in barrels (non-hazardous, not containing hydrocarbon raw materials) t 400
   Loads in coils t 400
   Finished goods t 400
7 Non-ferrous metals including:
   Metal in bars and ingots t 2,500
   Pig metal, unmanufactured t 2,500
8 Ferrous metal products of different nomenclature including:
   Pipes, rails and channel steel t 1,700
   Pig metal, ferrous metals in coils (not rolled metals) t 1,700
9 Cargoes in big-bags (non-hazardous) of different nomenclature including:
   Food cargoes in big-bags:
      Flour t 400
      Rice t 400
   Construction goods in big-bags (non-hazardous):
      Cement t 1,800
      Dry construction mixes and plaster t 1,800
   Chemical cargoes in big-bags:
      Sodium sulfate t 1,400
      Sodium carbonate t 1,400
      Perlite t 1,400
10 Cargoes in big-bags (hazardous) of different nomenclature. Hazard Class 4.9, in accordance with the licenses, including:
   Granulated sulfur in big-bags - Hazard Class 4 t 2,600
   Ammonium nitrate in big-bags - Hazard Class 4 t 1,400
   Carbamide - Hazard Class 9 t 1,400
11 Cargoes in bags of different nomenclature including:
   Construction goods in bags (non-hazardous):
      Cement t 400
      Dry construction mixes and plaster t 400
   Fertilizers in bags (non-hazardous):
      Carbamide t 400
      Nitrogen fertilizers (ammonium sulfate) t 400
12 Cargoes on pallets of different nomenclature including:
   Fruit and vegetable products t 480
   Building materials (brick) t 480
13 Timber of different nomenclature including:
   Packaged (timber in packages) m3 900
   Slab: plywood, particleboard and fiberboard m3 900
   Slab: - OSB m3 900

Available railway lines allow for the acceptance of more than 60 rail cars a day.

  - Transshipments

OOO TEMRYUKMORTRANS carries out the transshipment of general (packaged) bulk cargoes:
Export cargoes by the following variants:

  • open wagon-warehouse-vessel;
  • covered wagon-warehouse-vessel;
  • vehicles-warehouse-vessel;
  • vehicles-vessel.

Import cargoes by the following variants:

  • vessel-warehouse-open wagon;
  • vessel-warehouse-covered wagon;
  • vessel-warehouse-vehicles;
  • vessel-vehicles.

The list of handling operations for import and export cargoes includes the following:

  • feeding/removing of wagons-vessel-vehicles;
  • unloading of cargoes from open wagons or motor vehicles;
  • stowage in the warehouse;
  • processing accumulation of a cargo (accumulation period as agreed);
  • loading of the cargo onto the vessel;
  • registration of cargos and supporting documents.

The two following companies carry out hazardous liquid cargo handling operations at Handling Terminal of OOO TEMRYUKMORTRANS:
OOO KARGOHIM - handling of liquid chemicals, www.cargochem.ru
OOO UBSK - transshipment of petroleum products. ru.ybunker.com